SAIL magazine featured Lake Travis in its list of “7 Great Sailing Lakes.”  Of course, SAIL mentions the big thing on most Central Texas boaters’ minds:  low water levels.  According to SAIL, Travis is losing 4in per week.  Although the lake is fuller this year than 2013, it’s still a very low 56 feet below full pool (681′).

Curiously, I think SAIL was wrong about how Lake Travis got its name.  In a sidebar, they claim Travis Fleming Jones was the namesake.  I thought William B. Travis was the famous guy who gave his name to so many Central Texas institutions (Travis County, Lake Travis, Travis High School).  Besides, don’t most naming honors use the person’s last name?  After many Google searches I’m still not sure which Travis it was.  If you know anything about the history of Lake Travis’s name, let me know.

Thanks SAIL for recognizing our lake!  I agree it’s a great place to be.

Link to the full article here.